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Canyon Hawk Tours is now the name of this business. However, you can still use this website to book tours with us.

4x4 Off Road Vehicle, Hiking, and Camping

Come with us on your journey into the mystical Navajo land. We are certified and ready to give you an educated expedition. The canyon guides who represent our tour business are dedicated. We will share the traditions and the cultures that have long evolved and endured in the southwest.

Book a trip with us and we will give a life long memory that you will treasure. Canyon De Chelly is a sacred labyrinth that is visited by millions of people each year. Canyon Hawk Tours has Dine (Navajo) guides who will share our culture, history, and that of the "ancient ones".

We offer hiking, 4x4, and camping trips. All wheel drive is required in the canyon.

We all know that there are guides who can take you into the canyon mumbling their so called canyon history, just to be a disappointment. Go with us and you will learn the rich history of the Anasazi that dates back to 4 A.D. You will learn the in depth meaning of the enemy cultures who clashed and how their beliefs differed from one another. We will also study the timeless pictographs depicting the Spanish conquistadors who passed through in 1541. We will walk together on the path of beauty into the red sedimentary canyon.

Take a deep breathe as you are in for the ride of your life.

Canyon De Chelly
Canyon De Chelly Canyon Hawk Espresso Bar

The tour office is located right outside the entrance to Canyon De Chelly National Monument, the first left turn as your driving up the South Rim Road. We also offer the only Triple Certified organic coffee in the canyon area. Stop in and visit us for an espresso and enjoy our indoor or outdoor seating. Our Hogan offers Navajo paintings by Victoria Begay, Navajo music CDs, gifts, art, and culture. This business is Navajo owned and operated and shares the Dine culture and history from a traditional perspective.

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